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The Art of Cameron Thurbide: "$20.00 & Twenty Years Later"

My homebased business story begins twenty years ago while I was a starving student at the University of Saskatchewan. My older brother Cal, and myself had rented an apartment but we simply had no pictures to hang on the wall to look at during that long cold winter.

I went shopping for artwork and found this amazing artposter titled "At the Crease" by a Canadian painter named Ken Danby.

The $35 dollar cost of the print was beyond my modest budget, so I returned to the barren apartment and explained my frustrating dilemna to my brother.

It was then that I made the simple statement that would radically change my life forever. The words that came out of my mouth were "If I only had my own set of paints, I could paint my own pictures to hang on the wall".

The walls remained bare for the rest of the year.

That next summer my mother let me know that she had spoke to my brother about the possibility of buying me a set of paints to officially start my career as an artist.

I was given a $20 bill by mom, and given the instructions to go and buy myself a set of paints. I went to the local artstore and sure enough, the twenty dollars bought me a cheap set of acrylic paints, a brush, and a couple of sheets of paper to paint on.

I was now a young man with a mission, and I created my first crude painting which proudly hung on the wall during the next year of university. I quickly fell in love with the process of painting and promptly completed several other paintings. I couldn't find anyone who taught art classes "that painted the way that I wanted to paint", so I taught myself through experimentation, and gradually the paintings improved. It was a real surprise and honor when other people actually started offering to pay money for my paintings. Thinking back to the day that I couldn't afford the artprint, I made it my business plan "to provide very high quality art at an affordable price".

Over the next twenty years, I went on to receive university degrees in both biology and teaching. I have enjoyed working for several years as a science teacher in the public school system. I have also used these two decades to build a very successful homebased business by taking part in numerous artshows across western Canada and in the United States. Today my paintings depict the Canadian landscape and in particular, the beauty of the west coast. I would suppose that my painting style has been mainly influenced by the works of artists Andrew Wyeth, Alex Colville, Christopher Pratt, Ken Danby and Bernie Brown.

The business has been a great success as my artwork is now in art collections around the world. A large percentage of my sales now take place over the internet by means of my website. The artprints are very popular as an affordable gift for special occassions such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. I'm getting lots of repeat customers and the business is steadily increasing as more and more people are discovering my artwork by "word of mouth".

Please feel free to contact Cameron with any questions. You're invited to join Cameron"s email list which will inform you of any new original paintings, new prints, and of upcoming artshows which Cameron will be taking part in. You can join this email list, by simply filling out the link, on this website's homepage.

It's amazing to look back and reflect on how one's life can be so radically altered over a twenty year period, simply because of a very thoughtful twenty dollar gift.